The Indiana Sports Concussion Network (ISCN) is dedicated to increasing awareness of concussions. The ISCN wants to educate athletes, parents, coaches, and members of the healthcare community about concussions and the serious consequences they can present, especially if the brain is not allowed to fully heal before returning to sport or activity. Proper management of a concussion is the best form of prevention.

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Student Athletes: Concussions and Head Injuries became effective July 1, 2012.

Find a copy of the law, or a question and answer sheet distributed by the Department of Education.

The ISCN directors have created guidelines for the appropriate treatment of concussions, that are considered to be the gold standard in concussion care.

Up Close with Dr. Horner

Check out the video below of Dr. Horner speaking about the new concussion law.






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Promoting awareness and proper management of sports related concussions.



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